• Technology, entrepreneurship and design.
  • I build novel products with powerful business models that are designed for humans.

  • Carnegie Mellon '14 - Technology, Entrepreneurship and Design
  • Carnegie Mellon Fifth Year Scholar - Robotics and Urban Design

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I have extensive backgrounds in web development, advertising and product launches. I've raised millions from VCs and launched Kickstarters that beat their goal by 900%.

Want your next product to take off? Email me at toddmedema@gmail.com


“It is truly rare that I find the business acumen, the problem solving, and the creatively humanistic passion in someone so young.”

- RF Culbertson, CEO of GetAbby

“Todd provided valuable advice on our Kickstarter that helped us fine tune our campaign, resulting in a successful launch where we were fully funded on our first day. Todd’s maker spirit and entrepreneurial mindset make him great to work with.”

- Monica Yope, PopCraft

“Todd isn't afraid to think big. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for people with energy, enthusiasm, and talent.”

- Ryhan Hassan, Designer at Dropbox

"Todd has an excellent ability to break down a large idea into manageable, actionable components and give them a clear timeline for completion. He has often helped me identify where to begin development and how to efficiently validate key product features."

- David Wright, CEO of Nymbus

“I used to be afraid of interviews. Todd taught me how to take control in an interview, and now I'm the one asking questions.”

- Leyli G, Student at Carnegie Mellon University