Todd Medema

How to make the most of your New Year’s Resolutions for 2016

To make the most of my time on Earth, I set goals to challenge myself to become a better person. Interested in living your life to the fullest? Then let’s talk new year’s resolutions! Before we start setting our goals, let’s reflect on how to make our goals as impactful and successful as possible. This is […]

Learning from Bullies

The more I’ve put myself out there, publishing content and creating, the more run-ins I’ve had with extremely negative people. For the longest time, it felt like cyber bullying – and just one of these extremely negative comments could take me out for a week, or spoil something that I’d spent months creating. All of […]

My Goals for 2015 – and how to achieve your goals

To make the most of my time on Earth, I set goals to challenge myself to become a better person – a better leader, a better friend, healthier, more curious, and always learning. Expect no less for my goals for 2015! Whether you’re a regular reader, or this is your first time taking the leap […]

How to Market your New Product [Guest Post]

You’ve got a crazy idea for a startup. You started working on it, pouring your entire soul into it, and now you have a solid product that you’re ready to test out. Finally you launch! After a week of silence, you ask yourself: “How on Earth do I get my first customers?” Here’s how to market […]

Introducing High Temporal Range: An Art and Photography Technique

A picture captures the world at a single moment. Some consider it part of the beauty of the photographic technique. I consider it a limitation. With High Temporal Range (HTR – inspired by HDR), I want to encourage us as artists and photographers to push the boundaries of perception. You may have seen stunning photographs that utilize multiple […]

What Superman taught me about working less to do more

How many hours a week do you work? If you work a 9 to 5, you might be inclined to say 40. But you’re wrong. We aren’t actually capable of 40 hours of focused work per week. Employers do things like block Facebook because we aren’t focused…but Facebook isn’t the problem. The problem is trying to work […]

Stop worrying and start doing

How many emails are sitting in your inbox right now? A few dozen? A few hundred? When I started my internship at Palantir last summer, they required every new employee to read Getting Things Done. When the book asked me this question, I only had a few dozen. Yet those few dozen, innocuously sitting there, […]

What making movies has taught me about running startups

By day, I work on an advertising startup. By night (and weekend) I make movies. I make them because they’re fun, relaxing, a creative escape – but I never expected them to teach me how to become a better entrepreneur! Startup Lesson #1: Manage Energy There are entire college degrees just for managing other people, […]

Soylent Review: The Infamous Food-Drink

For those who haven’t heard of Soylent, it’s a meal replacement system designed with one goal in mind: become the cheapest, most efficient, most nutritious food option available. I recently received a week’s worth after pre-ordering almost a year ago. Let’s find out if they succeeded!   First impressions of Soylent First, let’s clear the water. Soylent […]

What Makes a Good Startup Idea [Guest Post]

You want start your own company. You want to be your own boss, or to make millions, or because you have an awesome idea… But no matter your reason, your idea makes or breaks your startup. Don’t make the mistake of spending a lot of time and money developing a product that no one wants or needs. A lot of […]